SriLankan Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy

SriLankan Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy – Indeed, the thought of terminating the reservation can create a plight. No traveler loves to trash the scheduled booking for any reason. But sometimes we do face unforeseen situations to cancel the itinerary. This blog talks about the SriLankan Airlines ticket cancellation policy to reveal various laws and guidelines involved in it. In case you do need to cancel the flight booking with SriLankan Airlines, make sure to study the full article to capture worthful information.

SriLankan Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy

Moreover, customers can also grab the best insights and thoughts regarding the same at the customer support number +1-888-474-0163 (toll-free).

Canceling the Air Booking: Possible Factors and Scenarios

Since life is unpredictable, it bombards us with unplanned events and incidents. The same philosophy applies in the aviation zone as well. Passengers witness severe conditions and unforeseen circumstances in the aviation domain and are forced to cancel the scheduled itinerary. Some of the vital events we can't avoid include;

  • The death of a relative/family member
  • Critical health condition
  • Military/legal orders
  • Visa issues
  • Unpleasant weather
  • Passport theft
  • A sudden change of plan

Following these situations, no visitor can dare to manage the itinerary for the same flight and come to modify or cancel it to pacify emergencies.

About SriLankan Airlines

  • SriLankan Airlines is one of the recognized airlines in the aviation segment of Sri Lanka.
  • It contributes remarkably to the global aviation industry with unparalleled services and travel solutions.
  • Further, the carrier was conceived in 1979 (as Air Lanka)but commenced operations in 1998.
  • The Sri Lanka-based aviation organization is also a member of the Oneworld since May 2014.
  • The main business hub of the air traveler is situated at Bandaranaike International Airport.
  • Moreover, the fleet of the airline accommodates around 25 aircraft.
  • The airline endeavors to connect more than 100 destinations spreading across over 50 nations globally.

SriLankan Airlines Ticket Cancellation Policy: What Can We Expect?

Need to cancel the scheduled booking with SriLankan Airlines?

Don’t you know the top guidelines and procedures to initiate the request legitimately?

Consider this guide vigilantly!

No doubt, SriLankan Airlines is an experienced and professionally-managed aviation organization. Based in Sri Lanka, it delivers advanced modules as well as user-friendly platforms to serve visitors with mind-blowing travel solutions. Therefore, canceling the flight booking with the carrier is going to involve no hassle for aspirants.

The flight cancellation policy of the airline is a true reflection of flexibility and pleasure. It demonstrates user-friendly laws and guidelines to help visitors who desire to void the itinerary due to unexpected events. Individuals can happily proceed to initiate the flight cancellation request with the airline. The following are various relevant details about the policy to give you a precise idea:

Major Highlights

  • SriLankan Airlines allows users to raise the flight cancellation request as per the policy guidelines.
  • Passengers can cancel the reservation using online or offline flight cancellation methods.
  • Furthermore, you can save the booking cancellation fee by submitting the request within 24 hours after obtaining the ticket.
  • Make sure you make the reservation at least 7 or more days prior to departure.
  • SriLankan Airlines may encourage you to pay a specific flight cancellation fee when you miss the risk-free period of 24 hours.
  • Remember, the Sri Lankan flight carrier entertains the flight cancellation requests raised for tickets obtained using authorized channels only.
  • People should select the same method to cancel the itinerary that is used during the reservation.
  • The service fee under the facility tends to move as per various factors. It can deviate as per the fare type, the class of the service, the destination airport, the time of the request, etc.
  • Also, aspiring candidates can raise the request via the customer support number.
  • Thankfully, SriLankan Airlines doesn’t charge travelers for cancelling the flight due to any emergency. The concerned passenger will have to submit a legal document to support the case, however.
  • When you have obtained a booking via a third-party agent, make sure to approach the same authority for flight cancellations.

SriLankan Airlines 24-Hour Cancellation Policy

To be amongst the most preferred airlines, SriLankan Airlines strives with a great element under the same phenomenon. The 24-hour flight cancellation policy is one of the popular amenities with the following advantages:

  • Clients can cancel the flight booking within 24 hours after making the reservation.
  • The booking must be created at least 7 or more days prior to departure as per policy guidelines.
  • Also, you can approach the customer support number to gain the benefits of the same amenity.
  • Further, the dedicated policy provides a full refund without any fee deductions.

How to Cancel the Flight with SriLankan Airlines?

Indubitably, the global aviation industry is full of experiments and sweet-and-bitter moments. Airlines do endeavor relentlessly to exhibit the leading travel facilities for clients. Meanwhile, SriLankan Airlines also worships the same doctrine. It manifests numerous methods and platforms for those who have no desire to board the flight. Have a look.

SriLankan Airlines Cancel Flight Online

  • Open the web browser and navigate the official website –
  • The homepage will show you a tab named ‘Manage Booking.’ Go with it.
  • Enter your family name and the booking confirmation code to proceed further.
  • The next page will bring a list of various bookings under the preferred account. Pick the relevant one to raise the request.
  • Now, you can follow the appropriate guidelines and instructions to perform the cancellation procedure for the selected booking.
  • It is time to pay the service fee to wrap up the concerned process.
  • In the end, SriLankan Airlines will approach you with a confirmation mail to notify you. 

SriLankan Airlines Cancel Flight Offline

When you have no idea about how to use internet technologies, you can simply switch to traditional procedures. It is a proficient area for those who don’t find internet technologies satisfactory. Various alternatives read as follow:

SriLankan Airlines Booking Cancellation Fee

The chief objective of SriLankan Airlines is to deliver affordable travel facilities. Hence, the airline imposes a pocket-friendly flight cancellation fee. It depends on multiple scenarios and situations.

Visitors can cancel the flight within 24 hours after the purchase. However, they will have to bear a specific fee under other circumstances. One can capture the latest fee details at +1-888-474-0163 (toll-free) or the official website.

SriLankan Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy – FAQs

Ques 1) What is the approved method to cancel the SriLankan Airlines booking online?

Ans 1) Passengers can raise the online ticket cancellation request using the official web portal ( of the airline.

Ques 2) Is it possible to cancel the SriLankan Airlines flight?

Ans 2) Yes, any traveler can cancel the booking with SriLankan Airlines as per the dedicated booking cancellation policy.

Ques 3) How to cancel the SriLankan Airlines ticket over the phone call?

Ans 3) SriLankan Airlines passengers can dial the toll-free customer service number +1-888-474-0163 to raise the ticket cancellation request.

Ques 4) Can I terminate the flight with SriLankan Airlines for free?

Ans 4) Yes, you can perform the flight cancellation process within 24 hours after making the booking to cancel the itinerary without a fee.