Caribbean Airlines Cancellation Policy

Caribbean Airlines Cancellation Policy – One should gain the required knowledge when it comes to canceling the air booking. In this blog, we would like to stress the Caribbean Airlines flight cancellation policy to give you an overwhelming picture of the scenario. Also, Caribbean Airlines visitors are free to speak with experts at +1-888-474-0163.

Caribbean Airlines Cancellation Policy

About Caribbean Airlines

Caribbean Airlines is a flag carrier of Trinidad and Tobago as well as Jamaica and Guyana. The state-owned aviation company manages its business from headquarters in Piarco. Founded in 2006, the airline has constituted a good infrastructure to serve passengers across multiple destinations. Also, in the fleet, the service provider involves around 16 planes.

Caribbean Airlines Ticket Cancellation Policy – A Complete Analysis

Canceling the flight ticket is a terrible event. Even the thought of flight cancellation can make you chaotic since you may consider it a troublesome and time-consuming affair. But we do what life does tell us. We all are puppets in the hands of destiny and act accordingly. This universal rule applies to the aviation sector as well.

There are times when we face critical illness near or during the scheduled trip. Sometimes, a tragedy takes place in the family to be the prime cause behind flight cancellation. Similarly, we stay helpless against circumstances i.e. bad weather conditions, legal orders or passport theft, etc.

Flying with Caribbean Airlines? You should be obliged since the carrier permits users to cancel the booking without a question. It has accumulated a massive appreciation in the aviation fraternity and promises to deliver unmatched travel solutions. Further, the flexible flight cancellation policy of the company states various customer-oriented guidelines you can follow to make a difference.

Major Principles –

  • As per rules, Caribbean Airlines visitors can terminate the booking for tickets purchased via the official platform, customer service number, and the airport ticket counter.
  • Individuals can cancel the international flight up to 4 hours and domestic flight up to 2 hours before departure.
  • Further, the Caribbean cancellation policy applies to all sorts of fares and classes of services.
  • Incredibly, the airline allows you to perform ticket cancelations for free within 24 hours after the booking. Make sure you have bought the ticket at least 7 days prior to the departure date.
  • In the event, you fail to cancel the flight within the risk-free period; a certain service fee may apply.
  • Likewise, passengers can choose from either online or offline procedures to cancel the Caribbean booking.
  • Moreover, canceling the Caribbean Airlines flight due to an emergency requires no service fee. You only need to submit the legal document.

NOTE: Aspirants can snatch more in-depth insights by talking with specialists at +1-888-474-0163 (toll-free).

Caribbean Airlines Booking Cancellation Charges

Of course, the airline charges passengers for canceling the tickets under specific conditions. Let’s have a glance at the chart to collect a better understanding of the fee policy:


Travel from/to USA/Canada/Caribbean

Travel Within the Caribbean, Suriname, Caracas, Guyana

Light Fare



Classic Fare

50% of the ticket value

50% of the ticket value

Flex Fare



Biz Fare

50% of the ticket value

50% of the ticket value

Biz Flex Fare




Alert! The Caribbean Airlines cancellation fee tends to vary. So, make sure to get the latest fee details at the official website or at +1-888-474-0163.

Various Applicable Ways to Cancel the Booking with Caribbean Airlines

Are you ready to commence the practical procedure of flight cancellation? Here, you’ll have dual choices;

  • Online method
  • Offline method

Ahead in this blog, we will mull over both these scenarios independently to uncover the hidden aspects. Let’s start.

Caribbean Airlines Cancel Flight Online

  • Visit
  • Navigate the ‘Manage Booking’ section.
  • Next, a user will have to enter the last name and booking reference number to retrieve the booking list.
  • Select the appropriate flight and move further with cancellation options.
  • After finishing this, you might check if you're eligible for any fee or not. If yes, pay the fee to conclude the process.
  • In the end, Caribbean Airlines will notify you via mail/SMS.

Caribbean Airlines Cancel Flight Offline

Well, there’re also some ways, other than digital technologies, Caribbean Airlines passengers can opt to cancel their tickets. Primarily, it includes;

  • Canceling the flight at the airport ticket counter
  • Cancelling the flight via the customer helpdesk number (+1-888-474-0163)

Refund Policy for Tickets on Caribbean Airlines

You can request a refund by sending an email to the support email if you bought your ticket via the airline's official website. You must make a refund request by getting in touch with the point of purchase if you bought your tickets from the Ticket Office, a call centre, or a third party. They are required to forward the requests to Caribbean Airlines' refund division.

Refunds would be provided straight to the passengers' source accounts; if a person purchased with a credit card, the credit card would be activated with the refund; if a passenger paid with cash, they would receive a check. The Caribbean Airlines refund service typically processes returns within 7–20 working days. The travellers should be aware that only the taxes would be reimbursed if they purchased a non-refundable ticket; refunds would only be given for refundable tickets.

Caribbean Airlines 24 Hour Refund Policy

Caribbean Airlines 24 Hour Refund Policy is applicable only as follows: 

  • This policy only applies to customers whose tickets include at least one sector of travel to or from North America (USA and Canada, for example, GEOPOSJFK) AND whose tickets were bought directly from Caribbean Airlines by phone, through the airline's bookings and service center, online at, via its mobile app, or in person at one of the ticket offices.
  • If the preceding requirements are met, customers may amend or cancel their flight reservations without paying a change or cancellation fee within 24 hours of purchasing a ticket. This is only possible if the reservation was made at least 7 days before the departure date.
  • In these situations, full refunds in the original manner of payment will be given. Changes in airfare, relevant taxes, charges, and any carrier costs will be applied in cases of changes other than cancellations to the flight reservation.
  • Tickets issued for only regional travel are NOT subject to the 24 Hour Money Back guarantee (e.g. POSBGIPOS). Additionally, domestic travel between Trinidad & Tobago is exempt from the ban.

How Can I Receive a Refund From Caribbean Airlines?

You have two options for requesting a refund: online and offline.

Online Technique

  • Refund requests for tickets purchased on the airline's official website should be directed to the support email address
  • The responsible executive will get in touch with you, and if you qualify for a refund, the money will be paid to your account within 7–10 working days.

Offline Technique

  • Based on your language and location, call Caribbean Airlines' customer service line at +1-888-474-0163.
  • To contact a representative, select the appropriate button.
  • To seek a refund, provide the necessary information to the knowledgeable person at Caribbean Airlines (BW)

Caribbean Airlines Cancellation Policy – FAQs

Ques 1) Can I get a full refund after canceling the Caribbean flight?

Ans 1) You become eligible for a full refund by canceling the ticket within 24 hours after the reservation.

Ques 2) How to cancel the reservation with Caribbean Airlines?

Ans 2) People can explore the official website, visit the airport ticket counter or dial the customer service number to cancel the Caribbean booking.

Ques 3) What is the service fee to cancel the Caribbean ticket?

Ans 3) The cancellation charges fluctuate as per certain factors, including the destination airport, fare type and the time of the request, etc.

Ques 4) How can I cancel a flight on a Caribbean airline?

Ans 4) According to Caribbean Airlines' cancellation policy, the passenger must change their flight in the same manner that they made their reservation. Therefore, if you made your flight reservation online on the airline's official website, you must cancel it at the same location. Read on to find out how to cancel your flight:

  • Visit the Caribbean Airlines website to cancel a flight reservation online.
  • Go to "My Trips"
  • You must choose "Manage Booking" from the drop-down menu that appears on the new page.
  • Either choose "Money" or "Miles" (the mode of payment you made while booking)
  • Your last name, booking reference, or E-ticket number should be entered when you click "Find My Booking."
  • Now is the time to cancel your flight.
  • After the cancellation request is submitted successfully, a confirmation email will be sent to the registered email address you specified.
  • If you are eligible for one, your refund will be given to you within 7 to 10 working days.
Ques5) What payment methods are available if I receive a refund from Caribbean Airlines?

Ans5) The paperwork for reimbursing airline tickets is listed below:

Cash or Cheque Purchases
  • Refunds will be given to the ticketed passenger unless sponsorship documentation is available. When submitting your claim, please be sure to include the passenger's contact information.
  • The currency that is presented to the airline on the ticket will be used to create the checks. Any unique requirements should be made known when requesting a refund.
Credit Card Purchases

At the moment of sale, refunds will be given to the credit card used to purchase the ticket.

If the account has been cancelled, either official documentation from the relevant bank confirming the new credit card number and account number must be shown OR the bank must officially declare that the account has been closed. This needs to be submitted on business letterhead from the bank. The refund will be processed as a check if there isn't a new credit card account.

  • This procedure can only be started if the bank submits a letter stating the account is being closed.
  • Refunds will be given to the ticketed passenger unless sponsorship documentation is available.
  • When submitting your claim, please be sure to include passenger's contact information.
  • The currency on the ticket will be used to create checks as well as the currency offered to the airline.

How is Airlines Ticket Policy Beneficial for Air Travelers?

Airlines Ticket Policy brings comprehensive knowledge concerning the aviation department to help visitors across corners. It serves them with the latest industry trends, updates, and scenarios to help them feature a comfortable trip at affordable prices. Moreover, aspirants can gain useful thoughts on the Caribbean Airlines cancellation policy, name change/correction policy, baggage policy, pet policy, and other topics at +1-888-474-0163.