Calm Air Flight Cancellation Policy

Calm Air Flight Cancellation Policy - Flight cancellation is when we have to cancel our bookings due to any reason. The cancellation can be from our side or the side of the airlines. If airlines has canceled the flight then they will inform you in advance. If you want to cancel your flight then you have come to the right place. In the following article we will have a look at the Calm Air flight cancellation Policy and also on how to cancel the flight.

Calm Air Flight Cancellation Policy

For more information on the Calm Air flight Cancellation Policy, you can call the airline's ticket helpline policy at +1-888-474-0163 (toll-free).

Different reasons for flight cancellation 

There are plenty of reasons as to why we need to cancel the flight. Sometimes we get into unavoidable situations, sometimes we have to cancel it due to personal reasons. Other reasons include the cancellation by the airlines. Harsh weather conditions, security reasons, flight staff not enough to properly run the airlines, computers not working fine, air traffic restrictions, and natural calamity are some of the reasons. If the cancellation is involuntary then the airlines provides you full information in advance. If you voluntarily want to cancel the flight then in that case you will have to read the flight cancellation policy and then proceed with the cancellation.

Calm Air 

It is a Canadian-based airline carrier that operates in different parts of the country. Calm Air was established in the year 1962 and has a lot of experience in the airline industry. It provides the best experience for travelers at the most affordable rates. The company has experienced pilots and the best hospitality staff that assist the passengers at every step. They have set up a flight cancellation policy that allows travelers to make changes to their flight itinerary.

Calm Air Flight Cancellation Policy 

The airline has set a cancellation policy for flight cancellation. Let's look at key features of the flight cancellation policy.

  • The cancelation can be applied 2 hours before the original time of the departure.
  • If you have applied for cancellation when less than two hours have left for the flight departure, you will not be refunded any amount and will also be non-creditable.
  • Also, the cancellation fee will be charged of 75$ per person for the cancellation.
  • The credit will be deposited in the Calm Air credit file.
  • This credit can be used for further bookings for one year after cancellation.
  • The airlines have different fare types and have different rules and regulations separately.
  • The different fares allow the passengers to cancel the ticket and also allow for a refund. In some fare types, the refund is not applicable and is also non-creditable.
  • You will have to pay the fee according to your fair type. Once it's paid the changes will be confirmed.

For more information on the Calm Air flight Cancellation Policy, you can call the airline's ticket helpline policy at +1-888-474-0163 (toll-free).

Different fare types in Calm Air 

FLY Fare 

  1. The passenger can book the fare in advance and the check-in baggage is allowed for free.
  2. In this fare type, the bookings are non-refundable. also, you cannot transfer the ticket and it will also be non-creditable.
  3. You can make changes within 24 hours of the initial bookings.
  4. Cancellation of flight will cause all fares, and fees to be forfeited

Fly Flex 

  1. You get the complementary checked baggage and also get the loyalty points.
  2. In this, the amount is creditable but is non-refundable.
  3. The cancellation charges will be applied.
  4. Flight cancellation or other changes can be done until 2 hours before the flight departure.

Fly Plus

  1. The changes and cancellations are complimentary and you can do it until two hours before the flight departure.
  2. The ticket is creditable but is non-refundable.
  3. You will also receive loyalty points.
  4. Will have 2 complimentary baggage allowed.


  1. You will get the loyalty points and also 3 complimentary checked bags.
  2. The ticket is fully refundable and cancellation and other changes are free of cost.
  3. You can make the changes until 2 hours have left for the flight's departure.

How to apply for changes?

We can apply changes in different ways. It can be by visiting the official website or by calling the customer helpline number.

  • Visit the Calm Air official website and look for the option “modify reservations”.
  • Once it is located, enter your reservation number, last name, and any other information.
  • The reservation number is 6 characters with numbers and letters.
  • Modify your ticket proceeding with cancellation. 
  • Your fare type decides how much you will have to pay for the cancellation.
  • If you are required to pay the fee then pay it and your cancellation is confirmed.

For more information on the Calm Air flight Cancellation Policy, you can call the airline's ticket helpline policy at +1-888-474-0163 (toll-free).

Another way to make changes is by calling the customer helpline number.

  • Call the customer helpline number at +1-888-474-0163 (toll-free).
  • The agent is there to help you. tell them about the cancellation.
  • Provide them with your reservation number, last name, or any other information they are asking for.
  • They will fetch your details and will assist you accordingly. 
  • If you will be asked to pay the fee then do it. 
  • The fee depends on your fare type.
  • Once the payment is done the changes are confirmed.

Visiting the airport 

Another way by which you can apply for the cancellation is by visiting the airport.

When you visit the nearest airport, locate the counter and talk to officials about the cancellation. Always keep your documents with you while visiting the airport. Provide them will the reservation number and last name. Pay the amount if required and your cancellation is confirmed.

Fees and refund 

Cancellation charges of 75$ will be charged for making the cancellation. Most of the tickets are non-refundable. The fly and fly flex does not allow the refund. The other two have the leverage of being credited and refundable. You can apply for a refund by filling out the form on the official website. Refunds issued through check or EFT will take approximately 4 to 6 weeks for processing. When you apply for a refund, then you have to include all the information so that it can easily be requested.

Airlines ticket policy 

Airlines ticket policy is a platform where one can get flight-related information. Different airlines have set policies for different scenarios that a passenger might face. It is hard for the passenger to read the information as it is scattered. On the official website of the airline's ticket policy, you will get information related to flight cancellation, flight changes, name changes, and other policies set by the airlines. It's a platform that has helped many passengers and is surely the best way to avoid extra charges and time wastage.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Q - Can I cancel my ticket free of cost?

A - Calm Air allows free cancellation in some of the fare types. Call on the above number to know more.

Q - How will I get the refund from the airline?

A - It can be credited to the account in some cases it will be reserved in the flight fare and can be used in the future.

Q - Where can I read the complete information about the cancellation policy of Calm Air?

A - You can get all the information on the website of airline ticket policy or call the number mentioned above.