Southwest Airlines Check-in Policy

Southwest Airlines Check-in Policy – Southwest Airlines, with its headquarters in Dallas, is the biggest low-cost carrier worldwide. More than 100 sites across ten nations are serviced nonstop by Southwest. Because of its affordable pricing options, adaptable policies, and first-rate services, it is regarded as a passenger-friendly airline in the nation. Finding out the check-in procedure is the next thought after purchasing a ticket. We have therefore given you a comprehensive overview of the Southwest Airlines Check Policy.

Southwest Airlines Check-in Policy

You can call us at +1-888-474-0163 (Toll-Free) for extended support.

Southwest Airlines Multiple Options For Check-In

To make the check-in procedure more engaging for each passenger, Southwest Airlines has separated it into several steps. You can check in whenever it's convenient for you for your flight. Let's examine the choices below for further details.

1. Online Check-In

24 hours before departure, check in using Southwest Airlines' online check-in form (until 60 minutes before departure). You can check your itinerary, print your boarding pass, buy luggage or seats, and check your itinerary. Be mindful of the rising airport baggage fees.

  • Go to the Southwest Airlines website.
  • The passenger must enter their CHECK-IN LAST NAME and Confirmation Code after selecting MY TRIP from the menu.
  • To view the flight information, click the search button.
  • You can now choose the flight for which you want to check in.
  • You will be informed once the procedure is finished by email or text message at the provided cellphone number.

Depending on your departure city and destination, you can check in online 24 hours before your flight's scheduled departure time and 60 minutes before the departure time to receive a mobile boarding pass on your mobile device or a printable boarding card. If this choice applies to you:

  • You do not require special assistance and the first flight is on Southwest Airlines (WN).
  • You can access your reservation using your confirmation number, e-ticket number, or frequent flyer account (for example an unaccompanied minor or traveling with a pet)

2. Mobile Check-In

You can simply check in and obtain your mobile boarding card using our free mobile app for iOS and Android. You can bypass the airport line and proceed directly to the gate if you have your mobile boarding card and are just checking a carry-on or one bag.

  • You can download the Southwest Airlines mobile app from your nearby Google Play store.
  • Check the account you are utilizing.
  • Switch the setting. CHECK-IN
  • Give the necessary information
  • Follow the on-screen cues to finish the process.

Depending on your departure city and destination, you can use your mobile device to check in for your Southwest Airlines (WN) flight starting 24 hours and ending 60 minutes before the planned departure time. No, you can obtain a mobile boarding pass on your smartphone. If you choose this choice:

  • Your initial flight is on Southwest Airlines, and you have an electronic ticket (WN)
  • If you are not a traveler with an impairment, you can retrieve your registration using your reservation number, e-ticket number, or frequent flyer account (for example, an unaccompanied minor) (for example, an unaccompanied minor)
  • You are leaving from a location where mobile boarding cards are accepted (if not, then you may check in and print a boarding pass at the self-service kiosk or ticket counter)
  • You are not taking an international flight to or from the United States.

3. Kiosk or self-Check in

The airline also offers a self-check-in option only at some of the chosen airports. You can use this touch-screen kiosk to:

  • Make your registration
  • Check bags
  • Reservations see
  • Selecting or upgrading a seat
  • Printing the boarding passes

Depending on your departure city and destination, you can check in for your Southwest Airlines (WN) flight at the appropriate airport self-service kiosks from 30 minutes to 3 hours before the planned departure time and receive a printed boarding pass. Now, take a look at the details below if you want to comprehend how to use the kiosk screens at Southwest Airlines.

  • On the screen, enter the information for your credit card, ID, passport, or six-digit flight confirmation code.
  • You can then get your boarding cards and check your bags after that.

4. Southwest Airlines curbside Check-In

At most US airports, you can check in the curbside for your domestic Southwest Airlines (WN) flight anywhere between 60 minutes and three hours before departure (depending on your departure city and destination). You must check in using a photo ID and your flight reservation code, destination flight number, or electronic ticket number. For a complete list of participating airports, visit the Southwest Airlines (WN) website.

Southwest Airlines Check-In Timelines

Suggested arrival time:
  • Before 2 hours of the time of scheduled departure for domestic flights in the US
  • For foreign flights to/from the US, three hours prior to scheduled departure
Minimum check-in time requirement if you have carry-on baggage:
  • For US domestic flights, 30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time
  • For foreign flights to/from the US, 60 minutes prior to scheduled departure time
Minimum necessary check-in time with carry-on luggage baggage:
  • 60 minutes before the scheduled departure time, For US domestic flights
  • For foreign flights to/from the US, 60 minutes prior to scheduled departure
Get a Southwest Airlines boarding pass

The Southwest Airlines boarding permit can be obtained in one of two methods. Your boarding permit will be delivered to the registered email address you provide when utilizing the online check-in option. However, you get a printed boarding pass while you check in at the airport counter. During either phase of the process, which is free, you can buy chairs, bags, and other supplies as needed.

To reserve a seat on a flight with Southwest Airlines, a boarding pass is necessary. There is a seat confirmation email and boarding pass available (soft copy). You may create a boarding permit quickly and easily online.

For flights operated by Southwest Airlines (WN), boarding ends at the following hours.

  • For US domestic flights, 30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time
  • For foreign flights to/from the US, 30 minutes prior to scheduled departure

Southwest Airlines Check-In Fee

Southwest does not impose a check-in fee. The process of checking in is cost-free on both platforms. You must pay extra for each service if you use offline platforms to complete the check-in process. To add more items of luggage to your basket, get the seats you want, and so on, you must pay. Southwest won't charge you anything to print your boarding pass.

Southwest Airlines Check-In And Special Assistance Services

As part of its baggage policy and check-in procedures at the airport, Southwest Airlines offers its customers specialized support services. If you're interested in learning more about the services offered, look at the information below.

  • Travellers with disabilities, such as those who have mobility issues
  • A partially or totally blind person.
  • Those travelers who bring a pet
  • Fliers for travelers who are fully or partially hearing-impaired travelers who bring service or emotional support animals
Take Away

Airlines Ticket Policy promises to give passengers first-rate viewpoints and circumstances that benefit those operating in the aviation sector. For additional information on Southwest Airlines' check-in processes, call +1-888-474-0163. You may construct the best family route by using the most recent terms and conditions for several airlines.