Amtrak Reservation

Amtrak Reservation – Amtrak is the country's biggest passenger railroad service, operating daily intercity trains to 861 locations around the continental United States and a few Canadian cities. As a result of the U.S. Rail Passenger Service Act, Amtrak was established in 1971. To save the collapsing intercity passenger rail sector, Congress approved it in 1970. On May 1, 1971, the first train trip run under the Amtrak name occurred. We will provide you with a detailed explanation of the Amtrak Reservation system in this article.

Amtrak Reservation

Key highlights of Amtrak

There are currently more than 40 different regional train services available through Amtrak's network. The Down-easter, the Northeast Regional, and the renowned Coast Starlight are among the most well-known. Along with its railway lines, Amtrak also provides a bus service named Thruway across the country as an extension of its network to places where there is no rail service.

Amtrak's excellent onboard experience is one of the key reasons why it is still one of the top methods to get between destinations. There are comfortable seats with extra legroom on every Amtrak train, as well as four-seat spaces with tables in the middle where you may face and converse with other passengers.

Additionally, there are power outlets at every seat, free WiFi, and recently cleaned restrooms in every car. Additionally, all Amtrak trains have snack shops where you can purchase drinks or meals during your travel, and some even have an entire dining car.

A Helpful Guide to make Amtrak Reservations

There are numerous ways to get reservations and purchase tickets. After researching routes and schedules, book Amtrak reservations online, over the phone, or in person at a station. Let's learn more about how to make reservations with Amtrak.

1. Research departure and arrival destinations

Make sure Amtrak serves the cities from where you are departing and the destinations you are visiting before making a reservation. To find out how long your trip will take, you can look at the "Routes" area of their website or phone the specialists at 1-866-939-0429. This will help you determine an acceptable departure time.

2. Your travel schedule should be flexible

Your travel dates and times will affect the cost of your Amtrak ticket because some days and hours are more popular than others. You'll find it simpler to reserve a seat at a lower ticket price if you have a few options for when you want to leave.

Verify your eligibility for a discount. Depending on your age or any groups you are a member of, you can receive a discount. Infants under 2 years ride for free, and children aged 2 to 12 pay half price for their tickets. Seniors, AAA members, military personnel, holders of Student Advantage cards, and members of the National Association of Railroad Passengers can all receive discounts.

3. Reserve online

The Amtrak website,, allows you to browse your options and make a reservation for a ticket. Your contact information and trip information will be requested by the website, which will then compute your cost. Online credit or debit card payments are accepted, and a confirmation form that will also be emailed to you can be printed (along with your e-ticket, see below).

4. Make a reservation by phone

Call 1-866-939-0429 to speak with an Amtrak expert who can assist you with making a reservation. Your travel dates and destination will be discussed, and they will give you some possibilities. Either make the reservation over the phone, pay using a credit card, and have your e-tickets emailed to you, or make the reservation over the phone, pay with cash at the station, and pick up your e-tickets there.

5. Book a ticket in person

If you reside close to an Amtrak station, you can make a reservation in person there. You can either speak to a ticket agent for assistance or make a reservation and pay with a credit card at kiosks. You can use cash or credit cards to make payments to an agent.

Amtrak Reservation Charges

Everyone enjoys options. You can choose your itinerary and fare when you make your reservation on The cost of an Amtrak ticket will vary depending on your destination and route. Nevertheless, some groups are aware of the admission prices.

Saver Fares: The cheapest fares are called saver fares, and they must be reserved in advance. Saver Fares have a limited supply and typically need to be reserved in advance.

Value Fares: Value Fares, which are accessible on all Amtrak routes, include several refunds and change alternatives. These are the standard fare rates. Value Fares aren't as widely available as Saver Fares.

Flexible Fares: Reservations can be readily changed, and Flexible Fares are 100% refundable without any modification or cancellation costs. Flexible Fares are the best choice for people whose plans constantly change, even at the last minute.

Business Fares: On several of our trains across the nation, Business Class offers a convenient, improved travel experience at a reasonable price. While particular perks differ depending on the train, many include extra legroom and free non-alcoholic beverages. Each Business Class seat is situated in its car or area of the train. Additionally, Amtrak Guest Rewards members receive a 25% bonus on qualifying points for Business Class travel, which makes it even more lucrative.

Premium Fares: Acela First Class and sleeper accommodations are examples of premium services. You can make use of first-rate amenities, free onboard food and beverage services, and special access to ClubAcela lounges. A 50% qualifying point bonus is also given to Amtrak Guest Rewards members who fly in Acela First Class. On the majority of long-distance trips, there are sleeping accommodations (rooms and roomettes) available. Prices for these lodgings are already included in your fare.

Tips to get the best fare on your ticket

You can choose the ideal fare type for your travel requirements by having additional booking alternatives. You can choose the ideal fare type for your travel requirements by having additional booking alternatives. Additionally, you'll receive notifications when available for the train and the fare you're looking for is low for seats and rooms, so you'll know when to move quickly. Here are some useful pointers for finding the best fares:

  • Typically, booking early will result in lower rates.
  • Holidays and busy travel times typically have higher fares.
  • Based on the day and time of travel, rates sometimes fluctuate in the Northeast.
  • Reservations can be made up to 11 months in advance of the trip.

Applying Discounts to get lower fares on Amtrak Reservation

After entering your trip dates at the start of your search, you can choose your discount type when buying a passenger discount other than a child or elderly discount (such as a rail passenger’s association or military discount). Additionally, for us to give you the most accurate pricing, any promotion codes must be entered during this initial phase of the reservation process.

We'll show you the following price adjustments as they apply along with the total itinerary cost, departure/arrival timings, duration, and transfers for all available travel options for the date(s) you've chosen:

  • Any already applied savings
  • The cost of lodging (where applicable)
  • Utilized discount codes
  • Web-exclusive special rates
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