Air Canada Check-In Policy

Air Canada Check-In Policy– The check-in process with Air Canada is regarded as the most convenient because it prevents travelers from having to wait in large lines at the airport and allows them to board their planned flight without any fuss. Additionally, it lets travelers reserve their preferred seats and buy necessary travel extras like meals and extra-long seats. Moreover, you can always visit our website at or call us at +1-866-939-0429 to know more about Air Canada Check-in Policy.

Air Canada Check-In Policy

How To Check-In Through Air Canada?

If it's your first time, the flight check-in process can be a little scary. Fortunately, the aircraft carrier offers a variety of options and streamlines the procedure as much as possible. We thoroughly explain the check-in procedures so you are aware of what to do and can complete them without difficulty.

Air Canada Web Check-In

Air Canada provides a simple web check-in option. Simply log in and complete the form on their website. To accomplish the web check-in, you will state your travel and personal information:

Once you've checked in, you can utilize the airport kiosk, print your boarding pass at home, or have a digital copy on your phone. You must check in for your Air Canada flight online at least 24 hours before departure. It is crucial to confirm the deadline before you proceed with the process because it will vary depending on your itinerary and flight time.

Air Canada Mobile Check-In

Downloading Air Canada's app to allow mobile check-in is a smart move if you frequently fly with them. The software is simple to use and is accessible on both the iPhone and Android app stores.An overview of how to use the mobile check-in service is provided below:

  • Visit to use the Air Canada app or mobile web app.
  • Select "check-in" and have the necessary information on hand to complete the form.
  • Along with your identification number, provide your first and last name. For this, you may use either the reservation reference number or the Aero plan ID.
  • Specify your city of departure.
  • The travelers you want to check in for the flight should be chosen.
  • A list of instructions on how to choose a regular or preferred seat, submit luggage information and finish your check-in will be given to you.
  • After providing information about your luggage, you can pay the baggage charges immediately through the app.
  • By providing your email address or mobile number, you can choose to receive an electronic boarding pass if your travel qualifies. You will receive a direct e-boarding pass
  • If the airport doesn't accept an electronic boarding card for your flight, which is possible, you can print a paper copy of your boarding pass at the airport kiosk or request one from an Air Canada representative if your trip isn't eligible.
  • As long as the baggage tags haven't been printed, you can also cancel your check-in.

If your flight is departing from an airport that doesn't support such a service, you cannot use Air Canada mobile check-in. Additionally, it is recommended to use direct check-in if your group is larger than nine people.

Airport Self-Serve Kiosk

Use the self-service kiosk at the airport to check in for your Air Canada trip if you have some extra time and are planning to get there early. You can use it whether you bought your ticket directly from Air Canada reservations, online, or a travel agent. Here are some examples of the services offered by the kiosk.

  • Check-in for Air Canada
  • Choosing or modifying your seat on the plane
  • Mentioning how many bags you have and paying the luggage charges
  • Creating the luggage tags on paper
  • Producing the boarding pass on paper
  • Entering passport data if necessary
  • If you have already checked in, you can utilize the kiosk to add or remove bags
  • Choosing an electronic boarding pass if one is offered
  • If there is a last-minute upgrade, purchasing it

Most significant airports in Canada and across the world have Air Canada self-service kiosks. To determine whether a kiosk is present at the airport where you are flying from, click the link at the bottom of this page.

Air Canada Check-In Times

When traveling, it's crucial to keep track of check-in timings. Checking in at the last minute can be stressful and possibly result in missed flights. Being a little early is preferable to being overly late.

Air Canada Check-In Time For Domestic

If you are flying within Canada, it is preferable to arrive 90 minutes before the time of boarding. The deadline for check-in and luggage drop is 45 minutes before boarding. At least 30 minutes before takeoff, you should be available at the boarding gate. 15 minutes before the flight is scheduled to take off, the gate will close.

Air Canada Check-In Times For Overseas Flights

Your destination, airport of origin, and flight schedule can all affect the check-in timings. You might need to arrive at least three hours early if your flight from Toronto Pearson departs before nine in the morning. Check out the timings below:

You must get to the airport at least 120 minutes before takeoff for flights to and from the US. You must arrive at the airport 180 to 240 minutes before the scheduled departure time for international flights to other locations. At Toronto Pearson YYZ, check-in and bag drop should be completed 90 minutes before departure.

The gate will close 30 minutes before takeoff, so passengers should arrive at least 45 minutes early. When visiting a foreign country, it is advisable to arrive early enough to complete the check-in, baggage drop, and security check procedures without rushing.

Air Canada Check-In Time Early Flight

  • 24 hours before departure, you can complete the check-in process if you're using your mobile app or checking in online.
  • Checking in at the airport using self-service kiosks is possible at least 12 hours before departure.
  • But it's vital to remember that you can only drop off your bags four hours before departure (3 hours for destinations outside Canada and US). It is preferable to wait until you can check your bags before using the self-serve kiosk.

Get Your Air Canada Boarding Pass

During check-in, you can obtain your boarding card in many methods using several platforms. Here are several examples:

  • At the airport where you are departing, you can use the self-service kiosk to print an Air Canada boarding card.
  • After checking in, you can print your boarding card at home.
  • You only need to request an electronic boarding pass upon check-in and enter your email address and cell phone number. You'll receive the pass on your device. Before choosing this option, make sure your airport allows electronic boarding passes.
  • Lastly, at manual check-in, you can obtain the pass straight from the Air Canada representative.
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