Spirit Airline FAQs

Spirit Airlines FAQs -The search for cheap flights on the internet for many comes at the end with Spirit Airlines.  It doesn’t matter whether you are traveling the first time or are a frequent flier to Spirit Airlines. People search for all kinds of methods that can provide the cheapest airfares to save some money. The savings can then go on other prospects of vacations. Before flying with Spirit, give this post a read that highlights the most asked questions for Spirit commonly referred to as Spirit Airline FAQs. 

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Spirit Airline FAQs

The beginning and existence of Spirit Airline are very historical.  The company began its operation in the 1960s as a Michigan-based trucking firm. From 1983, it started to provide air travel services under the name of Charter One. Once the base of operations was shifted to Florida in 1992, Spirit Airlines came into emergence. This airline is the prime example of an air carrier that people enjoy flying in. 

Many might not know that airfare from Spirit Airlines offers a restrictive approach to air travel. The reservations cover only the airfares, to modify and avail other facilities or to carry add-on baggage, the airline does charge a certain amount of money from the customers. Before booking a flight on Spirit Airlines, you must be familiar with the mode of operation and the charging policy.

Most searched FAQs on Spirit Airlines

1. What are the destinations that Spirit covers, and how it manages to offer such low-cost airfares?

Spirit Airlines fly the people around more than 70 cities and towns of the United States along with some international tourist hotspots like Peru, Columbia, Ecuador, and the Caribbean islands. The airlines set up the flight schedule as per the change in seasons. 

No wonder the airfares on Spirit Airlines catch the attention of many who are traveling on a tight budget.  The base fare can sometimes be as low as $29. It was possible only when the airline changed its fare model by removing amenities of carrying extra baggage or making changes to reservations.  It reduced the cost of air tickets by letting the passengers use amenities as add-on services like checked luggage or seat selection or drinks and food. This enables Spirit to earn extra revenue at the same time it can mention and sell air tickets at a lower price than other airlines.

2. What is Spirit “$9 Fare Club”?

Spirit $9 Fare Club is a membership service that allows passengers to save money on selected airfares with Spirit Airlines. It also offers the benefit of saving on baggage fees. You can avail of a trial membership of 60 days by paying $19.95. It costs $59.95 for a whole year.

3. What are Spirit Reservation Credits?

Reservation Credits are the credits refunded on a canceled trip with Spirit. These are to be utilized for paying fares, baggage fees, seats, and even taxes. Credits are to be redeemed on spirit.com only.  Steps to follow for booking a new flight using credits-

  • Locate the reservation credit number. This is the same as the confirmation code you received on the cancellation of your last trip.
  • Proceed to book a flight as usual. Enter the exact details of passengers as seen in the flight cancellation email.
  • On the payment page, choose to redeem a voucher or credit. Enter the credit number, fill in the amount to be spent.
  • If there is a remaining balance due, proceed to pay using additional payment methods.
  • You will receive a confirmation email on a successful flight reservation.

4. How one can save from the hefty fee on flight change and flight cancellation?

Most customers use a general 24 hours safety window to make modifications to the flight reservations without paying a change fee. Spirit also offers a modification charge protection plan named as “FlightFlex” that is available on the Extras page when booking tickets at spirit.com. As per Flight Flex protection, a change onto your flight ticket must be made at least 24 hours before the actual departure or arrival date. It offers a one-time free change to reservation per passenger. 

5. How to Check-in and obtain boarding passes?

Most people have the quickest and easiest way to check-in and get their respective boarding passes. Online check-in is the option that begins 24 hours before departure and ends one hour before departure. The same goes for the baggage fee. Bags added within 24hours before departure are charged at online check-in rates. This service is not available for-

  • Passengers with pets, ESA, or service animals. 
  • Passengers who purchased group tickets of more than 10 persons
  • Passengers with Military ID instead of a passport
  • Unaccompanied minors
  • Passengers that have booked extra seats on planes. 

These passengers have to wait at check-in counters at the airport and should pay a $10 charge for getting the boarding pass printed. 

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