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Allegiant FAQ - Flying is a new mode of travel. The airways offer luxury and save time. Many and many airlines are expanding their network to fly the aircraft on routes across the United States and many popular destinations across the globe. Allegiant Airlines has gained the trust of folks who want to fly on a budget. We have collected all the popular questions from the public and tried to answer them to our best abilities. This post is all about the Allegiant FAQs about Allegiant Airlines, mode of their operation, face-covering policy, plan of action in case of flight disruptions.

All the queries related to reservations with Allegiant Airlines are answered by calling 1-866-939-0429 

Allegiant FAQ

Allegiant Airlines is one of the best budget air carriers in the US. To offer an affordable and complete travel experience to customers is the aim of this travel company. This airline was founded in 1997 and has received certification from the US Department of Transportation to fly scheduled and air charter operations throughout the United States. The flight routes also cover the locations of Canada and Mexico. Allegiant Airlines offers the benefit of availing the best deals on airfares. Allegiant employees are made to receive training that meets the FAA requirements of security, and operations.

Before booking the flight with Allegiant Airlines, it is advised that passengers should go through the basic details about the airline. The policies, plan of action in case of adverse situations, from making reservations to canceling them to get a refund. All these points are the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) from the Allegiant Air customer support center.

FAQs about Allegiant Airlines, their mode of operation

1. Where to get assistance in case you have faced any problem during the flight?

Allegiant Airlines asks the customer to address the complaints and grievances to Allegiant's Customer Relations Department through postal service. The airline will then address the issue to be resolved with professionalism to customers’ satisfaction regarding the flights taken by passengers. Allegiant asks that all concerns are sent in writing to-  

Allegiant Travel Company

ATTN: Customer Relations

PO Box 401026

Las Vegas, NV 89113

2. To which cities and airports Allegiant fly off to?

The airline covers the regional cities and major destinations in the United States with their non-stop service of air charter including Las Vegas, Phoenix, and the tourist favorite places in Florida including LAX. New destinations to the scheduled operations are added regularly. There are many routes and aircraft that are scheduled to fly as per season.

3. What is myAllegiant Rewards?

There is a frequent flyer program in Allegiant Airlines named as myAllegiant Rewards. This is a point-based system that lets you earn a point for every cent spent towards airfare or travel with The points earned can be earned more if you have an Allegiant World Master credit card. The point remains in the account unless the member’s Allegiant World Mastercard account is closed for any reason. One must be having myAllegiant account to redeem the points earned on the Allegiant World Mastercard account. To get help from myAllegiant Member Service, you may reach on 702-800-2088 from 5 a.m. PT to 8 p.m. PT, Monday through Friday, and from 8 a.m. PT to noon PT, Saturday.

4. What is Buy One Get One Fare?

This is a perk offered to myAllegiant members that give them the ability to avail of one free companion airfare on a purchased itinerary every time the qualifying criteria are met.  Only Allegiant World Mastercard® holders with an account in good standing can book the flight tickets. The itineraries are to be booked through myAllegiant member services. Cancellation made to Buy One Get One fare will result in cancellation of the whole reservation. The eligibility criteria- 

Member should avail the purchase of four and more nights stay in hotel or seven and more rental car days to the flight reservations made on the Allegiant Air website.

The member must have reservations on the itinerary and the full itinerary is to be purchased through the member’s Allegiant World Mastercard on the allegiant website. 

Reservations for both tickets are to be made at the same time through Allegiant.

5. How to report damaged baggage?

To file a report for damaged baggage, the customer is advised to visit Allegiant Baggage Service Office at the airport. The report must be completed within 4 hours of arrival time. If in any adverse condition, the passenger is unable to report checked baggage issues at the airport, then they can head to the following link-

6. Face covering policy of Allegiant Air

Allegiant airline requires all passengers to wear a face-covering that covers the nose and mouth at all times during travel. Face coverings (generally masks) must be of solid material that will fit snugly against the face and is secured under the chin. Any face coverings with exhalation valves, holes, neck gaiters, and bandanas are prohibited. Face shields are an additional layer of protection to the face covering, and in no case are to be used as an alternative to face coverings.  

7. What to do in case a weather advisory is issued from Allegiant air?

Weather advisory is issued in situations when weather conditions can impact flight operations due to poor visibility or stormy weather. The flight can take passengers to land at the alternate airports.  Weather conditions and forecast can change suddenly so all decisions are usually made closer to the departure time.

In case the flight is rescheduled to another day, the itinerary will be updated automatically from the airline. To board this rescheduled flight, the passenger is advised to check in again to get a new boarding pass.

If passengers do not wish to take a rescheduled flight, then he/she can change or cancel the flight using the “Manage Travel” option displayed on the Allegiant Airlines website.

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